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The role of turkey on thanksgiving, which is also considered an important symbol, is discussed here.

Thanksgiving : Logo of Thanksgiving

Logo of Thanksgiving

Of all the symbols of thanksgiving, the turkey is most familiar and widespread. It is considered as the most famous exemplary might be due to its sharp features, bright hues and majestic appearance. Turkey is a common breed and a native of northern Mexico and the eastern United States. Now it is being raised in large numbers and some of the commonplace species that are popular are Bronze, Narragansett, White Holland, and Bourbon Red. Though there is no evidence that Turkey was available to the pilgrims, Massachusetts from where the practice originated, has a legend that it was served in the first Thanksgiving Dinner.

In a book written by the Pilgrim's Governor Bradford, he mentions of wild turkeys while another Pilgrim describes in a letter sent to England how the governor sent 'four men out fowling' who returned with turkeys, ducks and geese for the feast. Though no accurate reports were found, a tale goes where turkey was their original choice but they could not find it. They cooked crow instead and served the local Indians. As a part of tradition, turkey remains of central importance in the Thanksgiving menu surrounded by several other delicious dishes. During the dinners, the family members may also utter a few lines of thanks or chant a special prayer.