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The president pardon for the Presidential turkey on thanksgiving is a funny and popular American turkey tradition with a difference.

Thanksgiving : Presidential Pardon On Thanksgiving

Presidential Pardon On Thanksgiving

Harry Truman started the strange and funny custom of pardoning a turkey on Thanksgiving in 1947. He was the head of National Turkey Foundation and got the idea from President Lincoln who did not had heart to kill a turkey his son Tad had reared and had become very attached to. Ever since then, Presidential pardon for a turkey ensures that it will not be slaughtered and die a natural death. The turkeys that are to have this honor and get the royal treatment are reared for six months before the occasion. There are two turkeys reared for the purpose so the second one can fill up the position if something happens to the first one.

At the last moment, one of them is chosen for the pardoning ceremony and gets the public attention and gift of life while the other one becomes the table centerpiece of the Thanksgiving Dinner at the White House. After the ceremony in the Rose Garden, the royal bird gets a lodging in Kidwell Farm, a petting zoo at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, Virginia, where it is looked after well enough until it dies a natural death of good old age. This funny Thanksgiving tradition has found favor with animal activists who find kindness and goodness in the trend that can stop the slaughtering of turkeys throughout the world on this occasion.