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Thanksgiving prayer songs or hymns devoted to the Almighty's praise

Thanksgiving : Thanksgiving Prayers

List of holy songs

Here are a few lines of thanksgiving, which is sung in commendation of the Almighty who had been always been compassionate to his children.

COME, YE THANKFUL PEOPLE, COME - The song was written on Psalms and Hymns 1844. Henry Alfred composed it.

FOUNTAIN OF MERCIES, GOD OF LOVE - Alice Flowerdew composed it and complied it in Poems on Moral and Religious Subjects, third edition, 1811.

KING OF KINGS - Alfred A. Woodhull wrote it. The poem was first published in the Presbyterian Psalms and Hymns (Princeton, New Jersey: 1829) and was originally known as 'God of the Passing Year to Thee.'

O KING OF KINGS, O LORD OF HOSTS - It is written by Henry Burton. In the late Queen Victoria's Jubilee year, 1887, he composed a lyric for which Sir J. Stainer gave the background music. It was sung at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The lyric cannot be sung at any other time so he requested Henry Burton to write another lyric for which the same music can be set.

TO THEE, ETERNAL SOUL, BE PRAISE! - Richard.W.Gilder wrote it in 1905.

WHAT OUR FATHER DOES IS WELL - It was written by Benjamin Schmolck, and translated from German to English by Henry.W.Baker in Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1861.

WITH GRATEFUL HEART MY THANKS I BRING - It was written by The Psalter in 1912. The music was composed by Solid Rock, William B. Bradbury, in 1863