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National Day of Mourning on thanksgiving seems strange and presents an opposing picture of what we believe in.

Thanksgiving : Grave Grim Thanksgiving!

Grave Grim Thanksgiving!

Native Americans talk about Thanksgiving Day grimly and prefer to observe it as a 'National Day of Mourning' ever since 1970. They believe that quite contrary to the popular belief, Thanksgiving celebrated throughout America is not about rejoicing and the day to show thankfulness but about the ungratefulness of the first generation of pilgrims. One section of Americans say that it should be observed in the grime and grave mood as if in mourning to remember the unfavorable past incidents where the European colonists and their descendants at Plymouth raged war against the Native people, especially those who belonged to the Wampanoag tribe and were led by the sachem Massasoit. These people think of the said pilgrims as violent ingrates.

When the Wampanoag leader Frank James was invited to deliver a speech at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, his referring to the history of oppression and violence led to ignite anger in some sections of America and was thus cut short by the Commonwealth. The people termed it as subduing of a true Native voice and thus, they protested the move by observing the Thanksgiving Day as the National Day of Mourning. Still others prefer to view Thanksgiving as the result of the reconciliation of communities with two opposing views and dissolving of their conflicts and hatred.