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Here are some funny jokes and humor, which can enthrall your Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving : Thanksgiving Day Jokes

Thanksgiving Day Jokes

Mirth is the foremost capsule to keep our life lively. With an honest effort to fill your Thanksgiving Day with laughter, we have brought some jokes to share with family and friends that will keep us laughing and rolling with laughter during Thanksgiving Feast:

- This pampered young lady had left her family for the first time to join the college and was feeling quite lonely on Thanksgiving. She decided to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for herself. She was narrating her first experience in the kitchen to her mother and mother really wanted to know about the results. When asked how the food was, the lady replied with a shudder that though the ready-made soup and pizza were great, she had quite a trouble with turkey. Trying to get to the root of the problem, the mother asked, "Was it burnt?" The lady replied, "Oh! I couldn't taste it mom. It simply wouldn't sit still!"

- Here is a funny (and repelling!) trick to do in front of your friends just before dinner, if you do not want them to eat too much on your cost. Load your plate up high with everything including the salad, a piece of turkey, a bit of soup and some bread crumbles. Toss it all in the blender and offer your new Thanksgiving Weight Loss Shake to everyone. You can be sure to delay the dinnertime by an hour at least with this trick.

- Did you hear the one-liner about turkey crossing the road on Thanksgiving because it was the chicken's day off?

- A teacher gave her students of second grade to write an assignment on 'What I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving?' She couldn't agree enough with one of the wisest students in her class who wrote that she was thankful that she was 'not' a turkey.

- The escalating sales of turkey legs inspired a poultry farmer to research and breed a turkey with more legs and thus, reap more profits for him. It was only after many years that he finally succeeded in breeding one with six legs! The news of his success reached the media and reporters questioned him about the taste of the turkey he had bred. The intellectual whispered with a grave face, "What I wouldn't give to catch it!"