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Thanksgiving turkey hunting and other games will keep the kids happy throughout the day. Thanksgiving Day game and activity is associated with the holiday symbols too.

Thanksgiving : Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving Games

Find refreshment for the body and soul of kids and adults alike on this Thanksgiving in the shape of games and activities, which can rejuvenate your mind and give exercise to your limbs. Here are some games that are on top of our list:

Bird, Beast, or Fish
A circle is formed and one person is chosen as the den. The den points out to the players one by one and calls him as a bird, beast or fish randomly and the person has to come up with a word related to the name given to him before the den can count to 10.

The person who cannot come up a word immediately loses and has to leave the group. Person who can stick to the last is the winner. Though it seems easy, people and children soon tend to run out of words and only one with the biggest stock of vocabulary can remain to the last.

Hide and Seek with a twist
One participant is chosen as the hunter and sent out of the room. A toy turkey is hidden somewhere. Hunter comes in the room and has to find it. The only clue he gets is that when he or she is far from the turkey, all the others gobble like a turkey but in whispers and when he is nearer to the hiding place, others start to gobble louder. The person who takes least time to find the toy is the winner.

Cranberry Spoon Race
All the kids stand in a straight line. A spoon with real cranberries is put in their mouths from the handle side. They have to run to the finishing point without letting the cranberries fall. If it does, they have to put it back in the spoon and start afresh.

Wear the feet of turkey
Put turkey footprints all over the room and children have to try to stand on the footprints when the music turns off. During the party, music is turned off randomly and anybody who is not standing on the turkey footprint is out of the game.