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Favorite practices, traditions and customs on Thanksgiving Day, which can become an interesting pastime.

Thanksgiving : Traditions & Customs

Traditions & Customs

Every celebration is accompanied by some customs or rituals that people enthusiastically participate in with just a trifle degree of variation. Similarly, Thanksgiving Day has its own sets of traditions, practices and pastimes associated with it. Here are some of them:

Gobbling Turkey
Surveys conducted by National Turkey Federation (NTF) projects that 91% Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Southerners prefer deep-fried turkey in comparison to roasted ones, however. About 675 million pounds of turkey is consumed on Thanksgiving Day.

Charity for the needy
As Thanksgiving is a celebration of sharing God's blessing and prosperity, many people move out to help their unlucky fellow-beings. They supervise the kitchen soups as it is considered as one of the best possible way to contribute to the welfare of the society.

Football Americans are known for their passion of football and the same is relished on Thanksgiving Day. While some people play it, others prefer to watch it with popcorns and chips in hand, either in stadiums or on television. A reporter once made a mocking remark on 1863 by saying " a holiday granted by...the Nation to see a game of football."

Enjoying the Lavishing Parade
In addition to football games, Americans also watch the grand parade either on their television sets or visit New York City personally. Both natives and outsiders collectively accumulate a day before the parade to view the exquisitely designed balloons the Rockettes and Santa wandering on the high and also to make reservations for the marvelous sights in the morning.

Making a Wish
Following the footsteps of Etruscans, Americans make a wish while trying to take out the forked bone from a turkey or chicken. The tradition started out in Rome and the English brought it to America.