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Easy thanksgiving decorative craft and art ideas for a table centerpiece.

Thanksgiving : Crafts : Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

  • Striped green and yellow squash
  • Yellow and green candles
  • Apple corer
  • Florists' adhesive clay, optional
  • Dried leaves or vines, as desired
  • Take out the stalk from the gourds.
  • Make a big indent above the candle with an apple corer.
  • Use some florist's adhesive clay if the gourd is too hard to hold the candle at the top.
  • Insert a candle.
  • In the same way with several candleholder gourds, you can make a wonderful centerpiece.
  • You can make some with the wonderful stalks that you have preserved.
  • Sprinkle some dried leaves or vines.
  • Use your creativity and decorate it with the items available to you.