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Simple fall leaf art project for Thanksgiving Craft Day.

Thanksgiving : Crafts : Fall Leaf Print

Fall Leaf Print

  • Fresh moist fall leaves
  • Unbleached muslin material (available at any material store and is very inexpensive)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Old newspapers
  • Hammer or wooden blocks
  • Heavy paper like grocery bag or construction paper
  • Grocery sack for leaf retrieval
  • Hard work surface
  • Loiter around and take an evening walk outside.
  • Pick some of the leaves according to your choice. Variance in colors and shapes are the best. Don't use flower petals.
  • Beware not to collect the poisonous leaves like Poison Ivy, Sumac or Poison Oak in your area.
  • Cut your muslin material to a size of your preference.
  • Spread out an old newspaper on a hard surface. This will prevent the color from to leak through the material to the floor through the material and onto the floor, and also to protect the hard surface from the hard beatings of hammer.
  • Lay the muslin on the hard surface.
  • Put one leaf anywhere on the material.
  • Hit the whole leaf with hammer or wooden block. Quiet loud! Isn't it?
  • Keep placing leaf on the muslin and then hammering them overlapping on leaves you have already put in.
  • If you have some leaf parts on the material, just let it dry and then remove the torn parts.
  • After taking out leaf prints, in a frame shape, cut some heavy paper. Try to cut the inner hole smaller than the real picture for easy attachment.
  • Stick leaf print to the back of paper frame.
  • Be careful the brighter side should be visible.
  • Wash your hands properly after finishing because the color from the leaves might stain your nimble hands.