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Some activities and fun games on thanksgiving to give it a dramatic touch.

Thanksgiving : Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Day need not be a boring holiday for children where all they can do is to watch the cartoons and loiter about with friends. Find some entertaining and fun activities to keep them busy and are as enjoyable for them as Christmas fun parties. Here are some things that they can do on this Thanksgiving to get active and vent out their creativity and artistic skills too:

Turkey Head bands:
Ask the children to make a headband by cutting the paper strips. They can use glue or staple the headband together. Supply the children with feathers, glitter, sequins or other related materials to design the headband. They can even write a Thanksgiving Logo such as 'Turkey Durkey' on the headband.

Hand Turkey:
Paint the child's palm and thumb with brown color and his or her other fingers in different colors. Then take the imprint of their hand on a piece of paper. The thumb will become the neck of the turkey and palm imprint appears to be its body. Other fingers become the glorious plumage of the bird. They can then draw the feet and other features of the turkey such as eyes and nose.

Turkey Puzzle: Choose a turkey picture and paste it on a cardboard. Cut it in straight or angular lines in six or more pieces. This can become an interesting jigsaw puzzle for the children. You can just mix the pieces together and ask the children to arrange it in a proper form. The child who takes least time to do it will be the winner.

Indian Play:
Dress the children in Indian robes and beaded necklaces and make them carry cradleboards. Set up teepees and allow the children to pretend to be Indian. Also try with animal skin to get a primitive experience.