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Read all about Thanksgiving 2008 and get an introduction to its ceremony. It will fall on date 27th November in the year 2008.

All About Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Turkey


Celebrating a prescribed day with our parents or with the love of life has become the trend of the day. Just like Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day, we have a day set aside for conveying our thanks to Almighty for the myriad blessings he has endowed on us including our daily bread, water, sunshine, flowers, parents, love and everything that is beautiful in Nature and that we take for granted. Thanksgiving is also the day to take time to pay our thanks to wherever it is due and the people to whom we are indebted for things they have done for us and the love and care they have showered on us and share God's benevolence mutually.

The custom started when the surviving pilgrims in Mayflower finally reached the land of America and managed to survive with the help of kind Native Indians who taught them to live in the harsh conditions and the art of cultivation. The long journey of hardships and famine finally came to an end and they decided to thank the Lord for saving them through such conditions and share whatever they had and could manage with their benefactors. This humble beginning has now transformed into a dazzling, allured celebration. Mouth-watering delicacies, a variety of merriment events and fairs and charismatic parades make Thanksgiving a mirthful event, which is also said to be an informal declaration of the coming forth of Merry Christmas.